Snow day in Southborough, 4-6 inches forecast

Above: Four to six inches of snow is predicted in Southborough (via National Weather Service)

Snow is falling in Southborough this morning, and forecasters say we’re in for 4 to 6 inches before the storm is through later today. Superintendent Charles Gobron made the call shortly before 6:00 am today to cancel school in Southborough and Northborough due to the snow and dangerous road conditions.

A winter weather advisory is in effect for our area until 4:00 pm today. The National Weather Service says snowfall will continue to be moderate to at times heavy this morning, and will change to rain and sleet early this afternoon before tapering off.

I’ve been listening to the police scanner this morning, and it’s been pretty quiet, with no major incidents so far that I’ve heard. Still, I’m guessing the roads are pretty slick, so do be careful if you have to go out on this morning.

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10 years ago

I got the call from Dr. Gobron on our landline but did not get the call on my cell phone or work # as usual. I also did not get an email notification like I usually do. Did this happen to anybody else?

10 years ago
Reply to  Wendy

Yes, happened to me as well.

10 years ago

Us, too. Only the landline. No emails or calls on the cells.

10 years ago

landline & email, no mobile call

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