Police and Fire Headlines you may have missed

A number of police and fire incidents in Southborough made headlines recently. Here are the links to stories you may have missed. All were reported in the Metrowest Daily News.

Stories are listed chronologically. (Is it wrong that the most recent one made me chuckle?)

Chickens stolen from Residence on Fisher Road (6/4/13)
Believe it or not, this story was picked up by news sites coast to coast.  They were apparently entertained by the MWDN lead: “Either the chickens flew the coop, or there’s a poultry pilferer in Southborough.” I assume it’s not a laughing matter to the chicken’s owner.  The resident reported to police that the 45 chickens were worth more than $800. (read more)

Serious crash on 495 North leaves man critically injured  (6/6/13)
A car accident just North of 495 of exit 22, ejected a driver from his car. The injured man was brought by ambulance to UMass Memorial in critical condition. (read more)

Burglar in 2011 Eaton Apothecary break in convicted  (6/6/13)
In December 2011, two brothers from Lynn were arrested for attempting to break in to the pharmacy on Cordaville Road.  Last week, Ernest Rogers was convicted for 6 to 8 years.  The sentence reflects his record as a “habitual offender”.  His brother Philip is still awaiting trial, scheduled for October. (read more)

Driver in Northborough Road accident charged with motor vehicle homocide (6/15/13)
Andre Juarez of Framingham was the driver the June 12th accident on Northborough Road.  Passenger Ariel Medina-Vaca, also of Framingham, was killed in the crash. On Friday, police charged Jaurez with responsibility for the death. Police were waiting on chemical tests, but wouldn’t comment on the specifics or any other evidence. (read more)

Truck driver loses his top (6/18/13)
A truck became a convertible when the River Street bridge scraped its top off on Tuesday. A driver failed to heed the 11 foot height warning while driving a 13 1/2 ft tall box truck. According to MWDN, the truck made it through without getting stuck, but the top peeled off like a sardine can. (read more)

Updated (8/25/23 12:29 pm): The original links to the MWDN stories no longer worked, so I updated them.

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