Southborough’s election results: Gomez wins, voter turnout loses

The “unofficial” results are in. Gabriel Gomez lost his bid for U.S. Senator representing MA last night. But he was the clear winner in Southborough.

Republican candidate Gomez, won 56% of the vote across all three precincts. With more residents registered as Democrat (23%) than Republican (17%), Gomez must have won over many of the 59% of voters unenrolled.

That doesn’t necessarily represent Southborough resident’s opinions of the candidates. With only 33% of registered voters participating, it’s hard to judge.

Turnout was predicted to be a record low throughout the state for this election. In the end, Southborough turnout may again be higher than the state average.

Still, this means that 2/3 of registered voters didn’t participate in yesterday’s election.

Compare that to the 62% turnout for the 2010 special election that put Scott Brown in office. (The 2012 Senate race drew an even larger turnout of 83%, but was also a Presidential election.)

When we had record low turnout for the town elections, people blamed the uncontested candidates and minor influence of local government.

This was a highly contested race for a national senate seat. So why the low turnout?

Share your reasons if you, like most, didn’t vote yesterday.

(photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

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