How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve and Day?

This will be a quiet New Year’s Eve for me. My husband has to work late (possibly past midnight). So, I’ll just be celebrating at home with the kids this year.

That’s OK. When I’m sitting at home reflecting on the past year, I have a lot of great memories to fill my thoughts.

Of course one of my big changes this year was taking on this blog. To those of you who were so supportive of my efforts – thank you for helping make this year a good one.

Enough about my boring plans tonight.

What are you up to this frigid New Year’s Eve?

(Is it just me or is this night always a really cold one? Like some wicked trick on First Nighters.)

Will you be enjoying Boston or Worcester festivities? Throwing a stellar bash at home? Out to eat with friends? Or snuggled under a blanket watching the ball drop in Times Square?

And what about New Year’s Day?

Do you have any New Year’s traditions?

My family has Italian traditions that we enjoy. We eat rice for laughter and lentils for money.

I make an effort to balance the two. Once, my husband stuffed himself sick with lentils. That year, he got a higher paying job that made him miserable. I remind him of that every time he decides what to load up on.

(Of course it’s a silly superstition. But for some reason there’s a tiny part of me that believes it.)

Well, it’s time for me to sign off to play with the kids.

See you in 2014. Whatever your traditions or plans this year, I hope you have a Happy New Year!

(Image posted to Flickr by EEPaul)

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