Non-binding Warrant Article on tax rate: presentation in support of split rate

While the official Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting isn’t published yet, a draft has been circulating. Included on the list is an article sponsored by Sam Stivers of the Advisory Committee, the article asks voters to weigh in on classifying the town’s tax rate as single or split.

The summary describes the non-binding article as an attempt to influence selectmen’s future votes:

Establishing a single tax rate or a split tax rate is the responsibility of the Board of Selectmen. Town Meeting (without changes to State law) cannot require that the Selectmen vote for a split tax rate. This non-binding article seeks to gain a “sense of Town Meeting” relative to adoption of a split tax rate for FY15, and thereby influence the FY15 tax classification vote by the Selectmen.

For the past few years, the Board of Selectmen has unanimously supported the single tax rate.

This past year, resident Carl Guyer has reached out to the public through this blog and meetings, asking the town to reconsider. Now he has asked me to share a new letter with his video presentation.

To read about the most recent BOS decision in favor of a single rate, click here.

To see Guyer’s pitch to switch to a split rate, click here for this letter, or watch his presentation below.

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