Send in your spring photos

Above: This beautiful shot of a past spring in Southborough is by former editor, Susan Fitzgerald. I haven’t found the time to get out there with my camera, and don’t have her talent. So I’m turning to you!

As I drive around Southborough lately, I find myself in awe of the beautiful flowering trees. I keep wanting to find time to pull over and take some photos. But inevitably, I’m in a rush to get from point A to B.

In the fall, readers were kind enough to share some beautiful shots of Southborough foliage. I’m hoping some of you want to take and share some spring nature shots.

We may be in for some showers tonight and tomorrow. But it’s beautiful out, now.

If you would like me to post your photo in my spring gallery, please email If I get in enough over the weekend, I’ll share them early next week.

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