SWL: Park Central 40B back in play; ZBA permit denial overturned

Southborough Wicked Local reported bad news for residents opposing the proposed 40B project at Park Central. The state overturned the Zoning Board of Appeals’ permit denial.

The ZBA had denied the permit based on a “Safe Harbor ruling” issued by the state effective February 13th. Developer William Depietri appealed on grounds he had filed for a permit the day prior.

Depietri expressed satisfaction with the ruling. According to SWL, Depietri has withdrawn his offer of voluntary mitigation payments out of anger at the way he was treated. He claims to have originally planned to give close to $500,000.

The ZBA lists its next public hearing on Park Central for Wednesday, May 28th at 9:00 pm. Based on statements at previous meetings, expect the board to focus on traffic issues. (Click here for the agenda.)

The 180 unit condo development has been passionately opposed by many residents. Most objections stem from the added traffic through quiet neighborhoods and down narrow, winding Deerfoot Road.

Many residents have blamed the town for the pending project, since it missed the opportunity for a Safe Harbor ruling last spring. SWL reports that Town Administrator Mark Purple doesn’t believe that made a significant difference:

“The safe harbor provision would have expired in June 2014, which is less than a month from now,” he wrote. “The Park Central project is no further along now than it was then.”

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