Magical animals at the Library – December 29

A few years ago, Magician Fran Flynn amazed a crowd of young children at the Southborough Library with his tricks involving live animals.

My kids were among those who clamored to pet the magical rabbit at the end of the show.

So, I’m happy to see he’s returning with “Snuggles”, and his dove, to the Library this month.

The Library will host Flynn’s Magic Show on Monday, December 29 at 2:00 pm.

The Library’s website posts:

Fran Flynn is one of the busiest magical entertainers traveling around New England today. . .Magician Fran Flynn with his magical dove at Southborough Library

Other features of the show include: Audience Participation, Quick Wit, One Liners, Magical Dove Productions, and of course, a Special Appearance by “Snuggles”, a very real and friendly magical rabbit.

Making the show even more magical is Fran’s obvious and natural love and respect for everyone in the audience.After the 2011 show, kids lined up to pet Snuggles, the magical rabbit

The show is free and open to the public. No registration required.

(Based on my experience, get there early to get parking in the lot!)

(Photos right: Top image from Fran Flynn’s website; lower pics by Beth Melo click to enlarge thumbnails)

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