Belties leaving the pasture Sunday

Right: A video on the Belties blog reviews the history of the grass fed herd and says goodbye. (Image captured from video by Kendall Sweeney. Visit to view the video.)

Breakneck Hill Farm will be moving the beloved herd off of conservation land this coming Sunday. They’ve invited the community to join them:

Cows Moving Off Pasture for Last Time

The Cow Fund decided to make Nov 22 the last day on the pasture. We’ll be moving the cows and taking down some of the fencing. Come join us.

We’ll be joined by The Move and the Urban Farming Institute,

The Cow Fund would like to give huge thanks to Kendall Sweeney who produced this beautiful video along with being a senior at Algonquin Regional HS and producing many of the senior pictures for her class is also captain of the (as far as I know) undefeated girls soccer team. She will continue to be involved as I concentrate on developing a permaculture farm at Breakneck Hill Farm (across from the conservation land).

Please feel free to stop by and see how this project is progressing.

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