SWL: Ken’s gets height variance; will plant trees in neighbors’ yards

Ken’s Foods was back in front of the Zoning Board of Appeal on Wednesday night. According to Southborough Wicked Local, the business has the go ahead to build a 65 foot high addition to the building.

One condition requires the dressing manufacturer to plant trees in some neighbors yards to mitigate (though not completely block) the view. A suggestion by Chair Leo Bartolini was made last week for Ken’s to build an embankment on their own property with tall trees. Ken’s attorney William Pezzoni told the ZBA they can’t do it on their site.

It sounds like neighbors weren’t completely appeased by the decision but will work with the business. Details must be worked through with neighbors and finalized in Site Plan Review by the Planning Board. SWL writes: 

Dave Sears, of 74 Deerfoot Road, said the neighbors would rather not have the building expanded to 65 feet but have agreed to work with Ken’s.

“What we would like to achieve on the Ken’s side of the property we can achieve screening it for the most part on ours,” he said. “If that’s what we have to do we’ll work with them.”

Pezzoni said Ken’s officials are looking at approximately 10 to 12 evergreen trees between 12- to 15-feet tall to block the view of the building.

Sears said he’d like to see more trees, and have them be up to 20-feet tall.

Pezzoni said the company will work to mask the building by using different designs and colors.

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