Buy your Transfer Station sticker online or in person – no additional fee

Above: If you’re looking to buy your sticker in person, don’t go to the Transfer Station or DPW. Starting this summer, stickers can be bought in person at the Town Clerk’s office.

Transfer Station permits expire September 15th. You’ll want to get your new one before then to avoid a late fee (unless you’re a senior*). And this year, the Town Clerk has made it easier/cheaper.

In past years, irked readers complained high transactional fees for using a credit card to buy stickers online plus fees for buying stickers in person. Both fees have been eliminated this year.

That doesn’t mean you can buy your stickers in person at Public Works. Instead, you can head to the Clerk’s office at Town Hall to buy the new permit. (Another bonus is you won’t be sent packing if you forgot to bring your permit with you. Residents don’t need to bring in any extra papers.)

The Town has also launched a new website for taking care of renewals online. You can buy your sticker or download an application to mail. (Unfortunately, the URL was shared with residents through mailers before the site was working. Fortunately, it’s up now.)

For options, fees and procedures, visit

*Ages 65+ don’t pay for the first two stickers and there’s no penalty for missing the 9/15 deadline. But if you’re in Town, it makes sense to take advantage of this month’s “drive through” for senior stickers. Click here for post with details.

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