Finn & Woodward videos: Student Art and teacher/student connections

Above: Videos posted by Finn and Woodward highlight art by their K-3 grade students (image from video of Art Show 7)

Last week, I shared some of the videos that Neary has posted highlighting student work. Now, I’m rounding up highlights from the lower schools.

Finn School and Woodward School Art teacher Mrs. Dubois has been compiling students’ work into videos. What started as bi-weekly, soon turned into weekly post. So far, the schools have shared seven “Digital Art Shows”.

You can check out the work of Kindergarten through 3rd grade students below:

Art Show 1 features snow sculptures, rainy day themes, daily drawing prompts, and much more

Art Show 2 included Jelly Bean ART, foil robots, and chalk art

Art Show 3 highlighted Food in Art

Art Show 4 was fittingly themed Nature/Earth for Earth Day

Art Show 5 had a Japan theme including Hokusai waves, Carp streamers, and Koi fish

Art Show 6 used a flower theme to help kids use art as Mother’s Day gifts

Art Show 7 focused on animals and pets

Woodward has also posted special videos for April and May CARE assemblies, plus a presentation for the virtual Principal’s Coffee for parents.

Other videos in Woodward’s Facebook feed are aimed at keeping kids feeling connected. Several feature teachers “checking in” with pets by their sides (or in their laps or on shoulders) and even one of a teacher singing along with her young grandkids. Weekly announcements continue to celebrate birthdays.

A recent Finn video also focused on connections with a virtual chorus of We Are All Connected.

Finn also posted photos of the community thanking nurses, with a shout out to theirs.

Thanking Nurses banner banner for Finn School Nurse

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