Resources for Residents – including Southborough Emergency Fund

If you haven’t received a mailer from the Town yet, one should be coming soon. The Town published a simple two-sided flyer about “Resources for Residents”.

The focus is the community resources available for those in need due to the pandemic and the economic impacts. An introduction explains:

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many may find themselves struggling to make ends meet and in need of support. Please see the list of resources available to Southborough residents below and contact us if you are in need of assistance or want to offer your help

The main audience is Southborough residents who don’t have regular access to the internet.

Presumably, if you’re reading this post, than you’ve already been able to look for resources online and don’t need the mailer. That said, there might be something in it of use to you that you previously missed.

Most of the topics are ones readers should be fairly familiar with. But you may have missed past reference to the Emergency Fund. Plus, the mailer includes details on it that I didn’t have in the past, including how you can contribute:


If you are having difficulty making ends meet because of a loss of job, change in income, medical bills, or other hardship, please contact the Emergency Fund Committee:

Residents under the age of 60, please contact:
Shannon Kinayman, Program Coordinator at Southborough Youth and Family (978) 310-1182
Residents age 60 and over, please contact:
Cindy Beard, Outreach Coordinator at Southborough Senior Center (508) 229-4453 ext 2

Depending on circumstances and needs, the fund may be able to help. All Emergency Fund requests are handled confidentially and reviewed by the members of the Emergency Fund Committee to determine eligibility. All payments go to vendors directly.

The Southborough Community Fund has partnered with the Friends of the Southborough Youth Commission to create the Southborough Covid Emergency Fund. This fund is designed to support the urgent and evolving needs in our Town. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please send a check to Foundation for MetroWest 3 Eliot Street Natick, MA 01701 or you may contribute online at– please use the drop down menu to choose Southborough Community Fund Covid Emergency Fund.

The flyer also covers Southborough’s:

  • Food Pantry
  • Emergency Fund
  • Youth & Family Services
  • Veterans Services
  • Senior Center
  • Tax deferrment
  • Annual Town Meeting
  • and municipal Election

The mailer was organized by Town staff and Selectmen Marty Healey. It was funded by the Southborough Community Fund, Friends of the Council on Aging, the Southborough Food Pantry, and Friends of the Southborough Youth Commission. Click here to view it.

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