“Here, Matilda”: Owner seeking lost dog (Updated)

Above: Has anyone seen this Newfoundland wandering around town, near Gilmore Road?

Please help an owner find her missing dog, Matilda.

His owner asked me to share:

My Newfoundland Matilda went missing last night from Gilmore Road after the fireworks were let off near Finn school AT 8.30PM. the whole town has been looking for her and southborough police have been amazing. She has a heart condition and needs medication every 12 hours. She can not walk very far.

I don’t have the best contact information to post just yet. I’ll update when I do. In the meantime, it looks like you can reach out through Facebook or the Southborough Police Department.

Click images below to enlarge:

Update (6/1/20 8:14 am): A cute comment below informs that Matilda returned home.

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3 years ago

sorry that that happened, I will keep an eye out, whoever was setting them off should be out looking for your dog too, That last night was unacceptable, Pluss it’s against the law, It scared the heck out of me, They were so Loud, never heard ones that loud before other that town fireworks, if they were even fireworks, sounded like TNT.

3 years ago

I have met Matilda and will spend some time this evening searching for her.

3 years ago

Please make sure to put up posters with photo and cell phone # of owner or someone who can respond to a sighting right away. In every case I’ve been involved with, you don’t usually find the dog by walking around. It is often a complete stranger who sees the dog and can respond by calling the owner. Getting the word Quickly out is essential. I can no longer help, but wish you all the best..it is a gut wrenching experience to lose your dog..

3 years ago

You can try posting it on Missing Dogs Massachusetts web page. They are very helpful and have a lot of resources. I hope you find her.


Annette Flaherty
3 years ago

Kate, Matilda’s owner reports, “After four days of partying with the coyotes and fisher cats I rocked up on the front step with a guilty face at 2.30 am and sauntered in like nothing had happened. My mum and dad say that I need to apologies for all the trouble I have caused so I am really sorry. Thanks to everyone who has spent the last few days looking for me.“

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