Candidate’s Letter: Dan Butka (write-in) for Assabet Valley Regional Vocational District

[Editor’s note: The election has been postponed to June 16th, but Southborough voters can already vote by mail. This spring’s ballot has a 4 year seat for Southborough’s representative on the school committee for Assabet Valley Regional Technical School with no candidate listed. Two candidates are seeking election by write-in. To help you make that decision, I have invited each of them to submit letters to readers.

You may comment to endorse the candidate. No mudslinging allowed. ]

I hope that this note finds you and your families happy and healthy!

My name is Daniel Butka and I am running for the open spot on the Assabet Valley Regional Vocational School District Committee as a write-in candidate and would appreciate your vote! There is one available spot for a Southborough member, and we do not have a candidate on this year’s ballot. Please consider writing my name and address (Dan Butka, 8 Hubley Lane) on your ballot to ensure that our town has proper representation on the committee.

A bit about me and why I should get your vote:

  • As a product of the Southborough public school system (ARHS class of 2012), I know that our schools are one of the many things that make our town special. Our schools played an integral role in making me the person that I am today, and I am passionate about maintaining their standard of excellence and driving further improvements. I began volunteering for Algonquin’s DECA program last fall (a program designed to help our high school students learn skills that translate to the world of business and one where I progressed to the International Competition in Utah during my time at ARHS after winning States) where I have had the opportunity to mentor students on networking skills, project “pitches”, and case study analyses. I have truly enjoyed this opportunity to give back and would like to step up to take on this new role on the Assabet school committee.
  • After graduating from Algonquin, I went on to Providence College where I earned a degree in Finance. I now work at Dell EMC in Hopkinton as a Strategy and Operations professional. I have been rewarded with two promotions in two years for my ability to drive operational excellence and solve ambiguous problems. My experience in creating / managing budgets, financial forecasting, and navigating complex organizations with many stakeholders makes me uniquely qualified for this school committee position. 

  • My family has a long history of public service in Southborough and those values have been engrained in me from an early age. My father (Paul Butka) has served on the Algonquin School Committee for 12 years (so far!) and I have loved our dinner table conversations about what the school district should or shouldn’t do as issues or difficulties arise. He is also a long-time member of the Board of Overseers for the Cardinal Cushing Centers in Hanover and Braintree which provide commuting and residential schooling and services to students and adults with various learning disabilities. My mother (Susan Butka) Chairs the board of Southborough Youth and Family Services and volunteers her time with the Meals on Wheels organization. Years ago, she was also the Neary School Representative to the town’s SOS organization. I look forward to carrying on their legacy for the betterment of my home town.
  • I’m 25 years old. Although it is admittedly an oddity for someone my age to serve on a school committee, I will be able to bring a fresh perspective to every conversation as someone who attended our public schools within the last decade. This diversity of thought and experience allows me to relate to the student population in a way that no other candidate can, while my professional experience supports my ability to get things done.

Please reach out to me with any questions at and I hope that you will consider writing my name and address (Dan Butka, 8 Hubley Lane) on your ballet in this year’s election.


Dan Butka, 8 Hubley Lane

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David Coombs
3 years ago

We are so happy to hear you are running! Thank you for offering your time and insight to the community. We know you will do a fantastic job!
David and Amy Coombs

Dan Butka
3 years ago

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Coombs for the kind words and support! It means a lot coming from you and I hope that the whole family is doing well!
Dan Butka

Rob Costello
3 years ago

I’m with Dan!!!!!!

Dan Butka
3 years ago

Thanks Rob! I really appreciate the support and hope we can catch-up soon!
Dan Butka

Dan Butka
3 years ago

Thank you so much to the town of Southborough for electing me as the newest member of the Assabet Regional School Committee! I am eternally grateful that the residents of my hometown trusted me with this position, and I am excited to try to make a difference. My hope is that I can make an immediate impact on budget oversight and return to school planning, while I plan to bring a fresh perspective to topics that I am passionate about (mental health awareness, inclusion initiatives, opioid addiction prevention, etc). My first job is to listen, and I couldn’t be more excited for this journey.

Thanks to Mark Pietrewicz for a great campaign and all of the work he has done so far for Assabet. I hope to continue that work during my tenure on the Committee. I am especially appreciative to Beth at for all of her work covering the election and for providing us with a forum to speak to our voters.

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