Red Apple for the teacher – sign up by Thursday

Above:  An SEF Red Apple for the teacher this year means supporting innovative grants for students next year.

As remote schooling starts wrapping up this week, the Southborough Education Foundation is promoting:

SEF Red Apple Year End 2020 flyerTeachers and school staff deserve our gratitude now more than ever

Consider saying “Thank you” by giving a Red Apple Award

SEF’s Red Apple Award is always a popular end of year gift choice. With the inability of kids/parent to hand teachers’ their own individual gifts this year, it might be even more attractive.

Online donations can be made in the name of any teachers/staff members of the Southborough public schools or Algonquin. Contributions are tax-deductible (and meet the teacher gift-giving provisions of the State Ethics Commission).

Each recipient of a Red Apple will receive a certificate that includes your child’s name (but not the dollar amount of the gift).*

The deadline for the end-of-year gifts is this Thursday, June 11th. (You can fill out the application form here or sign up online here.)

Money raised is used to fund SEF’s innovation grants:

Make end of year gift giving easy and meaningful. . .

Red Apple Awards honor staff who contribute to your child’s success and support our schools by funding SEF grants that provide innovative learning initiatives outside of the standard curriculum.

To learn more about SEF and their work, you can click here. And here you can find the long lists of programs they supported through grants over the past few years. Examples include:

Finn: Climbing wall, Stand up workstations, Whiteboards, Family garden, Snowshoes

Woodward: Root Robots, Wake Up & Workout, Lexia for reading, Storywalk

Neary: Projection screen, Friday Farewell equipment, School store set up, IXL, Qball mic

Trottier: 21 st Century tech classroom, Green screen & Infrared thermal imaging camera

Algonquin: Podcasting equipment, Radio station, Writing center, Vernier Melt Station

*This year, teachers will receive certificates by email before the last day of school. The printed certificates will be presented to them in the fall.

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