How Southborough Voted in the State Primary

They may not have gotten "I voted" stickers this year, but many registered Southborough voters earned one.

I received the unofficial results of the Tuesday primary are in for our Town. Here’s a look at how Southborough voted.

How many of us voted?

2,875 residents participated in the State Primary. 2,407 (84%) voted on the Democratic ballot, 460 on the Republican ballot, and only 8 on third party ballots.

With 7,543 voters registered by the deadline*, turnout was 38%.

For comparison, the Super Tuesday primary pulled in 43% of voters, while the 2018 State Primary (which didn’t have a heated senate race but did have challengers to the Governor) only pulled in 18%. In the 2016 State Primary which featured no big races, less than 4% of voters participated.

So, who did we vote for?

Incumbent Senator Ed Markey won the Democratic Primary in all three precincts, capturing 61% of the vote. As you have probably heard by now, that reflects his overall win in the state over challenger Representative Joe Kennedy III. The end result for the state was 55% – 45%. 

As for a challenger in the general election, Republicans nominated Kevin O’Connor. 60% of Southborough voters chose him over Shiva Ayyadurai. That was consistent with state results.

The only other race on our ballots was for the Worcester County Register of Probate. Democrat Kasia Wennerberg captured 55% of the votes cast in Southborough’s race vs 45% for John Dolan III. (18% of voters chose not to cast a vote.)

Unfortunately for Wennerberg, that wasn’t consistent with the overall tally for the county. With 53% of the votes, Dolan won the right to challenge incumbent Republican Stephanie Fattman in November. (Fattman was unchallenged in her primary.)

*Worth noting, the number of voters registered for this election was up by 141 since the Town election in mid-June. If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late to participate in the November 3rd State/Presidential Election. The deadline is Saturday, October 24th. You can click here to register online or check your status.

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