Primary results

Here's how Southborough's votes compared to the rest of the state, and who will be on the November ballots

22.7% of registered Southborough residents participated in the state primaries. (I’m guessing that yesterday’s pouring rain didn’t help with the turnout.)

Most readers probably already know who the big statewide winners were. I’m taking a deeper look at how Southborough votes shook out versus overall results. You can also see who will be on our ballots for the general election this November.

Of those who took part, 70% voted in the Democratic primary vs 30% on the Republican ballot. Statewide the figures were 74% D and 26% R.

The biggest divide between Southborough voters and the overall state tallies were in the Republican primary.

In town, voters heavily preferred Chris Doughty and Kate Campanale as the Republican candidates for Governor and Lt Governor. The duo (who sought to distance the party from the former president) lost the statewide race to Trump-endorsed candidates Geoff Diehl and Leah Allen.

On the Democratic ballot, overall, Southborough voters leaned heavier into the the candidates that won statewide.

The only losing Democratic candidate that significantly performed better here than elsewhere was Quentin Palfrey. (And even then, his vote share was still in 3rd place for AG.)

Palfrey’s Southborough votes were likely aided by his connections as someone who grew up in town. (He might have performed even better here if he hadn’t withdrawn last week to endorse Andrea Campbell.)

Below, I’ve bolded the prevailing candidates and listed the candidates’ share of votes in Southborough and state/district-wide. (Southborough’s results are based on the unofficial count from the Town Clerk’s office. Overall results are from AP results*)


  • Democrat ballot 
    • Sonia Rosa Chang-Diaz: Southborough – 11.7%, state – 14.4%
    • Maura Healey: Southborough – 86.4%, state – 85.6% (622,935 votes)
  • Republican ballot 
    • Geoff Diehl: Southborough – 40.0%, state – 55.7% (145,402 votes)
    • Chris Doughty: Southborough – 58.9%, state – 44.3%

Lt. Governor

  • Democrat ballot
    • Kimberly Driscoll: Southborough – 38.1%, state – 46.9%
    • Tami Gouveia: Southborough – 24.7%, state – 20.7%
    • Eric P. Lesser: Southborough – 30.6%, state – 32.5%
  • Republican ballot
    • Leah V. Allen: Southborough – 34.4%, state – 52.4%
    • Kate Campanale: Southborough – 58.9%, state – 47.6%

Attorney General

  • Democrat ballot
    • Andrea Joy Campbell: Southborough – 45.6%, state – 50.3%
    • Shannon Erika Liss-Riordan: Southborough – 26.6%, state – 34.0%
    • Quentin Palfrey: Southborough – 23.1%, state – 15.7%
  • Republican ballot uncontestedJames R. McMahon, III

Secretary of State

  • Democrat ballot
    • William Francis Galvin: Southborough – 70.1%, state – 70.2%
    • Tanisha M Sullivan: Southborough – 28.1%, state – 29.8%
  • Republican ballot uncontestedRayla Campbell


  • Democrat ballot
    • Christopher S. Dempsey: Southborough – 39.1%, state – 45.6%
    • Diana DiZoglio: Southborough – 51.7%, state – 54.4%
  • Republican ballot uncontestedAnthony Amore

Governor’s Councillor – Third District

  • Democrat ballot
    • Marilyn M. Pettito Devaney: Southborough – 53.8%, district  – 50.9% (She will run uncontested in the general election)
    • Mara Dolan: Southborough – 31.7%, district – 49.1%

Uncontested in primary

The following candidates, who were uncontested, will now be facing off:

Two incumbent candidates who were uncontested in the Primary will also be uncontested in the general election:

*Multiple news sources reported AP results from around 3:00 pm today with an estimated 98% of votes counted

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