Southborough Election results for 5th District race – Why didn’t you vote?

Yesterday, Southborough voters and the 5th District chose Katherine Clark to be our new U.S. Representative for Massachusetts. 

Actually, I should say that a handful of voters made the decision. The turnout on Tuesday was an apathetic 8.81%. (The results are detailed below.)

Katherine Clark (D) won 50% of the Southborough vote, beating Frank Addivinola (R) by 17 votes.

So, I’m curious about the non-voters out there.

If you didn’t vote, why not?

I’m not going to put together a formal survey. I’m just looking for some informal feedback in the comments.

  • A: The outcome was predetermined
  • B: I didn’t care for any of the candidates
  • C: Whoever represents us won’t make any difference
  • D: All of the Above
  • E: I forgot
  • F: Other (Why?)

Southborough Election Results:


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10 years ago

Even though both A, B and F (the person(s) I vote for seldom win) apply to me, I voted yesterday. I vote in every contested election. It only takes a few minutes and elections can be close. People have died for the right to vote and I don’t take it for granted.

Dean Dairy
10 years ago

Please don’t try to blame the voters for the low turn out. Low voter interest and low turn-out was Katherine Clark’s cynical campaign strategy.

Clark refused or ignored all but one of at least nine debate invitations from various organizations. Clark would debate her opponent only once for less than 30 minutes in a debate moderated Jim Braude, an ultra-liberal.

Clark wanted the election to be low profile. Clark didn’t want the voters to evaluate the two candidates and their positions on the issues.

Clark wanted the Democrat Party machine in Massachusetts to carry her to victory a low turn-out election.

Clark got exactly what she wanted — voter disengagement — at the expense of the residents in the 5th District.

Get used to it or change it next November.

10 years ago
Reply to  Dean Dairy

Glad Clark won, although I would have preferred Karen Spilka.

10 years ago

Trixie is right. However, I did not vote, and I usually do. I think it was because I am so busy, and I didn’t see very much about the election. I knew it was happening, but just didn’t care. I think we have too many elections in this town. We used to have one a year, and now we have at least 2 for the town, and then 1 or 2 for the national stage. I am embarrassed to say I just tuned out.

10 years ago
Reply to  Judy

It was a regional election, for a congressional seat.

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