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The signs are everywhere you go, but you may not realize how close the date is. In case it’s not on your calendar, make a note to vote in the Town Election this Monday, May 12th.

This year, there is a race for 5 contested seats on two different boards. To make it easier, I’ve compiled the information you need to be prepared.

  • Polling hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm. (If you don’t know where to vote, visit the Town Clerk’s website. Precinct 2 voters, please note that Voting will take place in the Trottier Middle School’s “Band Room”. There will be signs directing you to the entrance to the LEFT of the front doors.)
  • Candidates running: Scroll down for the list of who you’ll see on the ballot. (Of course there are more offices and names, but the rest are uncontested.)
  • Position papers: To help voters make their decision, I asked each candidate to fill out a position paper. Below, you can find the links for information on the candidates including why they are running, why you should vote for them, and how you can reach out to help.
  • Candidate speeches with Q&A: On May 7th, the candidates addressed the public and answered questions at the Library’s annual Candidates night. You can click here for the video and some highlights. [Note: Having finally had a chance to finish viewing it, I found that the Southborough Wicked Local coverage didn’t to the night justice. But I failed to see how I could do it justice myself. There were a wide range of random topics covered in the Q&A. So if you want to know what they had to say, it’s best to view directly and not rely on media highlights!]
  • Recent endorsement comments: For some perplexing reason, I can’t get these to show up in recent comments in the sidebar or get a full recent comment list to appear on any other page than the “Recent Comments” page. You can check that link for easiest way to see if some have been made (and some have.)
  • To endorse candidates yourself: If you would like to endorse any candidates, you can comment on their linked pages. This section is a mud-free zone. So only clear endorsements will be allowed in these comments, without mudslinging at other candidates. [Please note: My Southborough is not endorsing any candidates.*]
  • Election coverage: For past stories related to the town election, click here.

Board Of Selectmen – 3 Year seat – vote for two candidates
Daniel L. Kolenda, Blendon Woods Drive (candidate for re-election)
Lisa M. Cappello, Middle Road (Unofficially withdrawn, but name will appear on the ballot)
Paul M. Cimino, Austin Kelly Lane
Alfred C. Hamilton, Pine Hill Road
David W. Parry, Main Street

Board Of Selectmen – 2 Year seat – vote for one candidate
Louis Fazen, III, Stowe Road
Joseph E. Hubley, Winchester Street
Bonnie Phaneuf, Middle Road

School Committee (K-8) – 3 Year seat – vote for two candidates
Paul H. Desmond, Pinecone Lane (candidate for re-election)
Kathleen A. Harragan, Darlene Drive (candidate for re-election)
Timothy W. Martel, Bantry Road

*If you received a flyer that seemed to come from – it did not. I am remaining publicly neutral and not endorsing any specific candidates for election.

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Desiree Aselbekian
9 years ago

Beth, you have done an OUTSTANDING job at presenting information to the public this election year. You have given readers of your blog so much quality information and provided a platform for people to collect information and stay informed.

I’m hoping people get to the polls in large numbers this election. Expanding the BOS is a history making event in our town. While that is a huge part of the election, it’s only one part of the ballot. We need to make sure we hold all of our elected leaders accountable (even those uncontested).

You don’t have to vote for people you don’t trust! Here’s some voting info I’ve learned along the way, as a former elected official in our town. If you vote for only one of two potential candidates, that’s call a “bullet” vote. It can ensure the person you absolutely believe in has the opportunity to get more votes. You don’t have to vote for an uncontested candidate. You can leave the oval blank. Blanks are recorded in the final tallies. Even though the uncontested candidate gets elected virtually automatically, if they are beaten by blanks, it sends a message.

Wishing ALL the candidates well on election day. It takes guts to run!

9 years ago

I agree, thanks for the effort Beth.

John Kendall
9 years ago

Today is the day………your vote COUNTS!

9 years ago

Anybody else get mail from a candidate AFTER they voted?

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