Scouts finish Trailhead kiosks

Above: Two Boy Scouts from Troop 1 built kiosks for Southborough trails as part of their Eagle Scout projects. (contributed photos, L-R Zane Walter and Eric Hanson)

Troop 1 members Eric Hanson and Zane Walter used their Eagle Scout projects to support public use of Southborough trails. The Southborough Trails Committee is thanking the two scouts for their help. 

Trails Committee Chair Kathryn McKee shares that the two projects were separate but with overlap. The committee worked with each scout on the design, build and installation of trail map kiosks around town.

Congratulations and thanks to the soon-to-graduate seniors. Here are more details on their successful projects:

Eric Hanson completed his project this month.

EricHanson next to Framingham Road finished kisk May 2020 (contributed)
(click to enlarge)

The project included designing and building three map kiosks. Hanson designed the template for mask kiosks that the Trails Committee with use throughout town. He then built three kiosks. He installed one at the Boston Road/Framingham Rd/White Bagley intersection on Route 30. The DPW intalled one near the Rural Cemetery on Route 85. Another will be installed by DPW at Fayville Park (hopefully this spring.) The kiosks include maps for the Sudbury Reservoir Trail (SRT), Boroughs Loop (BLT) and the Aqueduct trail (3 trails-in-1).

In a follow up Q&A with the committee, Hanson explained the roots of his project, initiated in 2018:

I live right next to the reservoirs in town and ever since I was a kid I loved to walk the trails or fish at key spots in the area, so doing something for the Trails Committee to help improve the trails was perfect. I had realized the opportunity for this project when I noticed that at the intersection of Framingham and Boston Rd there were usually cars parked along the road to go walking or fishing in the area and I thought that a kiosk would be perfect to help guide the visitors. . .

The project was originally only supposed to be one kiosk with a small parking area at the intersection of Framingham and Boston Rd, but there were traffic issues with how the parking area would be set up. In response to that I decided to build three of the kiosks I had designed and install one of them at the original location and give the other two to the Trails Committee to install wherever they please.

You can read more, including his thanks for those who helped him, here.

Zane Walter, completed his project in October.

Zane Walter next to his finished kiosk Oct 2019 (contributed)
(click to enlarge)

The project included building a parking area at the intersection of Main Street and Northboro Road. Using Hanson’s template, he also built the kiosk for the spot, displaying maps for Chestnut Hill Farm, Beals Preserve, and SRT/BLT/Aqueduct Trails.

In his Q&A, Walter explained:

I wanted to do something that would improve the trails in town. I also wanted to do something that would be lasting. This project, when it was suggested to me by the Trails Committee, appealed to both of those desires. It was also just down the road from my house, so I have a personal connection with the area and care to see it improved. . .

By having a trailhead at the trail and parking, it encourages the use of the trails. I have heard people express surprise at the fact that a perfectly good trail was even there. Hopefully the trailhead will make it clear that the use of the trails is encouraged. The kiosk also has historical information, so the community can learn more about the land.

You can read more, including his thanks for those who helped him, here.

Updated (5/13/20 8:18 am): I forgot to include a link to Southborough Trail info and maps, in case this post inspires you to explore.

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