Vehicle Parade on Friday morning for Memorial Day (Updated)

Above: Some “Dull Men” are looking to the Friday leading into Memorial Day weekend not so dull. (contributed photo)

As I noted earlier, we won’t have the traditional public Memorial Day services. But one group of residents is looking to hold a public celebration.

The Southborough Senior Center’s social group for men, the Dull Men’s Club, is holding a Vehicle parade. The procession will take place tomorrow morning (Friday, May 22nd) at 10:00 am.

The group’s leader, Bill Harrington explained that they’re looking to “honor our veterans and and to add a little joy and spirit to some to our town’s senior citizens.”

The procession will line up at the Senior Center. Vehicles will be led by a police cruiser, fire engine, and town dignitary. They’ll be followed by “many members of the Dull Men’s Club in decorated vehicles and may be even a classic car or two.”

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, they will proceed past the All Wars Memorial on the common to honor our veterans.

From there:

Since it is Memorial Day weekend we will proceed past the All Wars Memorial on the common to honor our veterans then on to “visit” seniors on School St, at Colonial Gardens, and Southborough Meadows Then we will proceed on through Fayville and up Oak Hill Rd to Oregon, Woodland, Richards and on to Leonard Drive. We then return to the Senior Center via Cordaville Rd around 11:00am. Our seniors have been particularly isolated during this pandemic and we hope to brighten their day just a bit.

Dull Man's Group parade route map
(click to enlarge)

Updated (5/21/20 2:23 pm): I was able to get some more detail to fill in the route better. To the right, I created an image of the map route with the projected schedule.

Below is the scheduled route course. The times below are estimates:

  • 10:10 am – leave Senior Center (9 Cordaville Road)
  • 10:12 am – All Wars Memorial on Common Street
  • Turn right on Common Street to St Mark’s Street, left onto Marlborough Road (route 85)
  • Turn right onto School Street, left onto Main Street, Right onto Boston Road (Route 30)
  • 10:19 am – turn into Colonial Gardens, 49 Boston Road
  • Exit right onto Boston Road
  • 10:24 am – Turn left into Southborough Meadows (William Onthank Road area)
  • Exit right onto Boston Road
  • 10:30 am – Turn left onto Central Street
  • Cross Route 9 and proceed on to Oak Hill Road
  • Turn right onto Oregon Road, left onto Woodland Road, then right onto Richards Road
  • 10:40 am – turn left onto Leonard Drive, then circle back to Richard Road via Harris Drive and Atwood Street
  • Turn left onto Cordaville Road to return to the Senior Center around 10:45 am 

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3 years ago

Thank you to the wonderful “Dull Men” that decided to host this parade! We enjoyed watching you as you drove by!! And many thanks to Southborough’s veterans. I’m sad we won’t be able to thank you publicly, but we do so in our hearts :)

3 years ago

Those of us in the parade really enjoyed the drive and waving to those who were waving back as we drove by. It was especially nice to be able to
salute our veterans as well.

3 years ago

I happened to be on Main St. when the vehicle parade drove by. What fun to see all the gleeful smiling faces of those in the passing cars. As brief as it was, it was an uplifting thing on such a beautiful spring day!

3 years ago

Thanks to those that organized and participated in the parade. As stated above it was a enjoyable break on a beautiful day to see something fun and festive. Nice that the meaning of the holiday was not forgotten.

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