Golf Course Update: Large trucks on Latisquama Rd Thursday and Friday morning

It appears that work to renovate the 1st and 9th tees is underway with sod to be delivered this week. Unfortunately for Latisquama Road residents and school bus drivers, it means that there will be large trucks on the road tomorrow morning and Friday.

The Town tweeted this evening:

An email circulated this afternoon, shared with some residents of Latisquama Road. In it, Town Administrator Mark Purple referred to the flatbeds as longer than 18 wheelers. Two of them are expected Thursday morning and unloading is expected to take 1 hour per truck. Only one truck is scheduled for Friday.

Purple apologized for the short notice, stating that they had just been informed of the plans. He assured that a police detail would be assigned to help drivers navigate. Those detail hours will be paid for through the Community Preservation Act grant. 

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